About this Event

Early in the summer, a coworker of mine posted about a need for a photographer for the WGAR Country Jam. Without hesitation, I reached out and to my surprise, one was not lined up yet for the event. Ryan from Mira Productions reached out and graciously offered me the opportunity to shoot the event. The neatest part about the whole experience was getting a no-restrictions All Access pass to go anywhere on the show site.

The line up was fantastic. With the exception of the opening band, I was pretty familiar with most of the line up.


While I’m normally a fan of using prime lenses, the versatility of a zoom lens is important for a long project like this. I can’t stress how good it was to have a 70-200 lens. If there’s anything I would have changed, I wished I had a second full frame camera with a wide-angle lens (17-40 or 24-70) to get the “big picture” from the pit. Sometimes, the 70-200 (and even my 50mm) would be too narrow to get a good photo of the crowd from the pit. The rapid-fire nature of the event limited how frequently I could switch between my lenses, so the 70-200 was still the better choice if I could only pick one.

This was certainly the longest project I worked on: starting at 9 AM and ending at 9 PM. There were very few breaks and at best I could run to the bathroom, grab another bottle of water, and be back in the pit by the time the next performer was about to begin.

With that said, I loved the challenge of the non-stop shooting “rapid-fire” event. I’d gladly do it again.

My Favorites from this Event

Just Going for a Walk











Photos for the Full Set

As usual, the photos for the full event can be found on my Flickr: WGAR Country Jam 2013.