Less than JakeLess Than Jake!

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I’ve been a Less Than Jake fan for more than half my life and I’ve been listening to them since I was 13 (I’m 29 now). When I saw that Less Than Jake was touring with Anti-Flag for the Fat Wreck Tour, I just had to buy tickets. As the day got closer for the event, I figured, “Why not try to ask for a photo pass?”


That’s fan-love right there. Straight from the source. With the photo pass in hand, it was time to step up my game to take advantage of the chance to photograph my favorite band. The concert at the Cleveland Agora Theatre wasn’t just Less than Jake, though. There were three other seriously talented bands that opened for Less Than Jake: Get Dead, Masked Intruders, and Anti-Flag.

I often find that the trickiest part about photographing concerts is the seemingly random lighting. One moment, it could be very dark, and the next moment, it could be bright, but very green.

For example, I found that Anti-Flag used a lot of white bright lights (as seen in one of my favorite photos below) and this made it very easy to get good photos. On the other hand, Less Than Jake used a lot of strong reds and greens which can be challenging in post-processing. To combat this, I found myself converting many photos into black and white to bring the most out of the photos.

If there would be anything I’d do differently next time, it would be definitely to vary my camera angles more often. I found that I’d stand in one spot for most of the time I spent in the pit (not wanting to get in the way of the bouncers).

I can’t wait to see them again, even if I’m not blessed with another photo pass. Less Than Jake is definitely my favorite band of all time, and their act of kindness to get me a pass will never be forgotten.

Favorites from the Photoset

Less than JakeThe Tallaksens (+Rich), the Patalinghugs, and Less Than Jake

Anti-Flag at the Agora in Beautiful Cleveland!
I love the way the light flared in this shot. Timing is everything.

Less than Jake
I’ll always remember the chance I got to photograph my favorite band.

Photos from this Set

The full set can be found on my Flickr: Less Than Jake at the Cleveland Agora [2013].