Svitak in Downtown by the Lake

A Little Background on the Photo

On Independence Day, Greg invited Rachel and I to join him, Lauren, and Lauren’s parents to watch the fireworks from the Lean Dog boat. Arriving to the boat early, we wandered down the Cleveland lakefront to kill some time. While Greg was mid-discussion with Lauren’s parents, I managed to snap this keeper. I really like this shot because it has Greg’s signature relaxed smile. I can just hear the laugh he usually makes shortly after he smiles like that.

Cheers, Greg!

About the Photo

I’m traditionally a fan of vibrant color photos, but from time to time, I get the bug to process a shot in black and white. I know some people traditionally take photos with black and white in mind, but it’s serendipity for me.

From the original image, I punched up the contrast. A lot. Like, seriously, a lot. I went really strong on the whites, and made the black areas super dark.

This particular photo falls outside of the usual “Rule of Thirds” shot as Greg is dead center. It’s probable that I could have cropped the image off on the right, but I really enjoy the slightly centered/slightly unbalanced feel of the image. It’s fitting for my buddy Greg who is a dynamic personality that’s never been one to be “on-center”.

A Little Background on Greg

Greg is one of my best friends. He’s a great sport about my photography and has a dynamic range of faces and expressions. 99.9% of the photos I take of Greg are completely candid. He’s very comfortable around my camera because I’ve antagonized him for more than two years with it.

Greg is also an entrepreneur, and an inspiring one at that. He doesn’t just have the “ideas”; he has the execution. Greg continually impresses me with his drive to buckle down and make magic happen. I’m consistently impressed with his seemingly endless amount of interesting projects.

You’ll likely see more of him in the future.