Sharnaz ... On a Bike

Sharnaz on a Bike!

Sharnaz is a recent addition to the friend network. Sharnaz works for a partner of ours and is based out of Las Vegas.

Recently, Sharnaz made a trip to Cleveland for a training, and I didn’t want to pass this opportunity to expose her to some of the best things that Cleveland has to offer.

After a night of good fun, we closed out one of my favorite local bars, Edison’s Pub. Outside the bar, there is an immobile bicycle which (usually inebriated) people will ride. At the cajoling of our group, she jumped up onto the bike for this photo opportunity.

Going B&W

I went with black and white here for two reasons. First, the colors between the street lights, the neon signs, and building lights made it difficult to get good colors out of the image itself. Second, it seemed to look a lot better in high contrast black and white.