Rachel and her Christmas Tree

About this Shot

Ringflashes are nothing new. They are circular flashes or flash modifiers that mount around the camera lens. You might be wondering, “Okay, so why is that different from using a normal flash or a softbox?” Ringflashes cast even lighting on the subject because the light is directly in line with the camera lens itself. This is most obvious when you think about how a flash typically operates: it is very directional and will cast harsh shadows. Ringflashes illuminate everything evenly. While the flash itself may be strong, you will not see the traditional harsh shadows associated with flashes (as demonstrated in the photo of Rachel above).

My favorite part about the ringflash is the unique “catchlight” in the eyes: a bright white circle bouncing off their pupils.

I recently picked up a type of ringflash called the “Roundflash” and I have to say, I’m really impressed with it. Initially, it seemed awkward to use because you have this giant cloth ring wrapped around your entire camera, but it’s lightness helped minimize muscle fatigue from carrying it.

I couldn’t wait to try it out and I continually look for chances to use it. I hope to use it more frequently going forward, even if I have to awkwardly pop it up in and around public places.

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