An Icy Obstacle

About This Event

I got an email invitation from Tim Tallaksen to join him for a “Polar Bear Plunge”. Not really understanding what it meant, I took to Google. It turns out that there’s an annual event on January 1 where people gather together and “plunge” into a near-freezing Lake Erie. It was a challenging event to shoot because the action lasted only about five minutes. As you can imagine, people didn’t want to stay in the water very long, so the action was fast paced and there was little opportunity to scope out the scene and plan a shot.

With that said, I’m happy that I was able to get photos of my friends throughout the event. Pictured above is my favorite photo in the set. It is Sam Mazzola charging through ice. One of the most challenging things about this year’s plunge is that there was a mini sea of ice floating right at the shoreline so those that went into the water had to “jump” over obstacle at the end. Someone described this event as “liquid pain”. I can only imagine.

Some Other Fun Shots from This Event

Prep Work

Two Bears

Epic Knab

Warning: I Do Dumb Things

Snow Angel!

Photo Set on Flickr

The full photo set can be found here: Polar Bear Swim [2014] on Flickr.