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This was a little different from being at a wedding, but not completely different. The goal of this event was the same: get photos of the family and then get candid photos during the event itself. So, how did I end up with this assignment? You’ll have to follow me on this one because it gets a little deep.

One of my good friends, Steve Knab, has an aunt, Emily, who’s (passed away) husband’s parents (“The Grandparents”) were coming up on their 60th wedding anniversary. With this event approaching, The Grandparents’ children were seeking to hold a family celebration at the Lodge at Geneva-At-The-Lake.

And what an event!

This group was great to work with: they had a great sense of humor and I could feel family emanating from all of them. Much like a wedding, it was quite a task organizing the family photo rotation, but Emily was a great help.

Before any of the group family photos, though, Emily asked if I could do some engagement photos for her son and his fiance. Truth be told, engagement photos aren’t exactly my forte and I’ll openly admit it. I can certainly do a wedding, but asking couples to pose is/was a new venture for me. They were good sports about it, though.

After the engagement shots, we did a rapid-fire rotation of family photos. Much like an onion, we started with everyone, and then we peeled back the layers. That’s not really a great analogy because we’d then have to readd some people and remove other people. I digress.

We, fortunately, finished that in about 45 minutes and there was time before the “evening festivities”. As a courtesy to Emily and a nod to my friend Knab, I offered to stay for the evening festivities. This is when things went from being formal to family. It was touching to see the love that the family shared for the grandparents.

I’m glad that I had the opportunity to work with Emily and family. It gave me an even greater appreciation for my own family.

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Photos for the Full Event

The photos for this event can be found at my Flickr: Koenig 60-Year Anniversary.