About this Project: Yay Beer!

My coworker and friend runs a startup home-brewery called West East Brewing Company. He invited me back in August to come photograph his brewing process. I’ve never been one to decline the offer for a beer with good company and I gladly took him up on the offer (Again: Yay, Beer!)


The Man Behind the Beer

Tom invited me to join him and his friends on a Saturday afternoon while he brewed beer on his back patio. He is jovial and laid back, but definitely has a visible passion for his hobbies such as brewing. Tom definitely does not seem like a “half-in” kind of guy: he’s all-in and definitely all-in with brewing. His setup had the flavor of grassroots brewing, but the quality of the beer we tried was great. If it had been professionally labeled, I would have thought it was interchangeable in quality with anything I would get on draft at Great Lake Brewery.

Ultimately, I’m certainly humbled that the photos I captured of the process have made their way to his website: West East Brewing Company. I can’t wait to try more beer from Tom, and I wish him the best of luck making it in the world of brewing.

My Favorite Three From the Project





Photos for the Full Set

The photos for this set can be found on my Flickr: Tom’s Homebrew [2013].