Annie from Harness Cycle

About this Photoshoot

I have a personal project of photographing movers and shakers that aim to make Cleveland a better place through ideas, activities, and businesses. My collection currently has Cleveland chef Chris Hodgson, charity-entrepreneur Alex Sheen, and tech-startup entrepreneur Greg Svitak. It’s not a large collection by any means, but I was blessed with the chance to add another Clevelander to my collection: Annie!

Annie is a coworker of mine at Hyland. She’s responsible for Corporate Wellness which is quickly becoming an important part of many major organizations. It definitely seems like there is a shift to promote overall well being both mental and physical. Her excitement for wellness extends beyond the four walls of Hyland.

“Here at Harness Cycle, we ride to the beat of the music.”

Annie recently opened a spin studio in Cleveland called Harness Cycle and while I was initially hesistant to attend a spin class, I’ve grown to love going to Harness. Annie’s always looking to make sure that each person gets the most out of every class. I know I walk away feeling good after each class (even if it’s brutal during the uphill songs).

Harness’s atmosphere has never failed to get me excited from the moment I stepped through the doors. You’re greeted immediately with a smile, and if you have a question (or even if you don’t), one of their instructors is there to make sure you’re comfortable to ride.

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Annie from Harness Cycle

Annie from Harness Cycle

The Bikes at Their Temporary Home

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The full photo set can be found at my Flickr: Harness Cycle set on Flickr.