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About this Project

Alex Sheen, the founder of Because I Said I Would, reached out looking to do some staff photos. It was truly an honor to help out a friend for his charitable organization. A little about Because I Said I Would: Alex began the organization following his father’s passing. His ultimate goal is to spread one of his father’s key teachings: keep your promises.

The photos were shot on-site in Rocky River at a shared office space. Admittedly, it wasn’t what I expected. I expected to arrive at a one-room office packed with little-to-no space, but instead I was greeted with a spacious and well decorated office. There were four sets of photos to take: three rounds of individual photos and one round of ground shots. The total shoot lasted a little over one hour.

When I first arrived, Alex, like usual, was ready for business. I started off with a few “warm up” shots (and some jokes) to ease the tension. I’ve often found that the first 10 minutes of any engagement is going to be filled with anxious energy even among friends. After about 10 minutes, the novelty of being under the camera seems to wear off, and the real personality comes out. Alex, Amanda, and Christina eased into the photos and did a great job of relaxing and being natural. Kudos goes to both Amanda and Christina for putting up with my random requests for “looking away” from the camera.

My Favorites in the Set

Because I Said I Would Founder, Alex Sheen

Amanda of Because I Said I Would

Christine of Because I Said I Would

Because I Said I Would

If you don’t currently follow these guys, you have to check them out! They do great things, and they inspire us to be better people.

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For more photos from the photoshoot, check them out here: Photoshoot for  Because I Said I Would on Flickr.