Introducing Mr. And Mrs. NumbersLeaving in Style

This was the year of weddings. After this (last) one, I will have been to four weddings this year. That may not sound like a lot to some people, but prior to this year, I had only been to three other weddings total…in my entire life. Andrew and Lyndsay’s wedding happend to be the fourth of this year, and the fourth one in a series of “Rachel’s College Friends” weddings. Rachel made friends with Andrew and Lyndsay when they went to college at Kent State.

The ceremony itself was held in a beautiful Lutheran church in Akron, OH. As the ceremony ended, the crowd gathered outside and we were greeted by ol’ time white car waiting for the couple. While I wasn’t the “hired photographer”, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get a great photo.

Putting This One Together

Like many people, I initially waded around in the crowd of people right outside of the venue itself. I often take “up close” portrait-style photos, and it’s rare that I’m far away from the action taking a “full scene” shot.

I firmly believe that to have a good photo, you really need to have a subject. Even more so: that subject should be human.

The easiest way to accomplish a subject-shot is to isolate the subject with a shallow depth-of-field. This produces an image that makes everything but the subject fall away. It’s kinda the easy way to get a photo. It becomes more challenging when you have an evolving scene and everything is in focus.

After taking a few photos of Rachel and her friends (Kate seen below), I decided it was time to move out of the crowd and move across the street. My initial thought was to get a photo of the couple inside the vehicle itself as they drove away from the crowd, but between the crowd hovering around the vehicle on one side and the photographer preparing to get photos on the other side, I didn’t think I had a shot.

I lined up dead center across the street and after a few test shots, I could hear the clapping and cheering from across the way.

They had arrived. 

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Numbers!


Here’s a photo of Kate blowing bubbles as I referenced earlier.

Kate Makes BubblesKate Blowing Bubbles