Cat Couch is Human

Cat Couch is Human

 A Little on How I Met Chris

I hold a strong belief that the most appealing photos are those with animated subjects. That’s not to say that inanimate objects are less interesting, but there seems to be an inherent attraction to photos with live things. I suspect this goes to the core nature of humans who empathize with other creatures.

Chris Czapp is one of my “childhood” friends. In actuality, he’s one of my brother Erwin’s best friends. Erwin and Chris met in 8th grade, and since then he’s really been a part of our family. He’d often spend many of his high school days (and later college days) hanging out at my parent’s house with my brother playing video games.

We’re now all grown up (sorta): Chris is a newlywed (he and Jen actually got married the week after Rachel and I got married) and he now has his own place to call home. He and his wife have three cats.

About the Shot

Cats are great to shoot because they don’t have human-like nervousness when a camera is pointed at them. Mochi loved to lay on Chris every chance he had. As Chris had sat down after getting a beer, Mochi immediately moved into position without invitation.